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Globalgeschichte / Global History

For years, historians have been intensively discussing the genesis, forms and consequences of global interdependencies and exchange processes. Research and debates in the field of global history draw on established traditions of non-European history, the history of European expansion and the history of individual regions of the world, but go beyond these in terms of concepts and methods. The former "Gesellschaft für Überseegeschichte" (Society for Overseas History) has taken account of the change in academic discourse by renaming itself the "Gesellschaft für Globalgeschichte" (Society for Global History). In the course of the conceptual and methodological reorientation of the society, the periodical "Globalgeschichte / Global History" was conceived, which is the successor to the "Jahrbuch für Europäische Überseegeschichte" (2001-2022). "Globalgeschichte / Global History" offers a forum for academic essays, contributions to debates and literature reports in German and English that shed light on aspects of this diverse and dynamic field of research.

Current Issue

Issue 1 / 2024